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Another hatlings season is melting away with the spring. We’ll be back in the fall with even more designs and places to visit (and buy) our little hats.

Happy Spring!

See you in the Fall!



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We’re famous! Ok not really but we’re in a magazine!

Thanks Cape Ann Magazine and Zaks for showing off our sweet little hatlings!




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The hats are in stores and selling well so if you want one this season, make sure to go get one! We’re a seasonal company so what we have out in stores is almost all of them so if you dont get one now, you’ll have to wait till next winter : ( Boo for that. You should probably just go buy one. (or two)

You can find us at:

Zaks in Manchester-by-the-sea, Ma

Green Life/ The Common Crow in Gloucester, Ma


Happy New Year!

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We dropped off a selection of hats to Green Life (around the corner from (and owned by) The Common Crow) in Gloucester!

Both Common Crow and Green Life are some of our FAVORITE stores in g-town. Stop by for a visit!






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Just dropped off  TEN hats at Zaks in manchester-by-the-sea this week!….. (parade bike, owl, ranunculus, tall trees and more!)

Need a birthday gift?

Doing any early Christmas shopping?

Or is your kids head just cold?

Go get one!





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oh hello fall 2 0 1 2.

Its Fall!

which means apple cider and hatlings!

We’re up and running again!

The hats are in a stack and waiting to be dropped off to some local stores…. (tba)


you can always grab one of my home stash if you want

just EMAIL us

(stay warm. its getting chilly out there)


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… as you may have guessed, the hat season got away from us. We plan on starting up again in the fall and running through February again so keep an eye out for fresh new designs in the Fall!


Happy summer!



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